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 Volume IV, Number 6 - July  2004 / Volúmen IV Número 6 - Julio 2004

» Interview with David Beall, Executive Secretary of CICAD
» Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism
» Reports and Questionnaires
» Money Laundering Projects
» Senator Richard G. Lugar, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee
» Designado nuevo Jefe de la Misión de Observación Electoral de la OEA en Venezuela
» Situación en Venezuela
» Agreement on electronic voting in Ecuador

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OAS General Assembly
Development, democracy, and the fight against corruption are closely interrelated

Asamblea General de la OEA
El desarrollo, la democracia y la lucha contra la corrupción
son temas que guardan profunda relación entre sí


» Culture of Transparency Developing in Hemisphere
MANAGUA, Nicaragua- President Enrique Bolaños of Nicaragua called for greater political will and moral commitment to step up international cooperation “to prevent our countries from becoming a sanctuary for corrupt individuals.” (more)
Declaration of Managua
Plan of Action of Managua to combat corruption

» Political will helps the fight against illegal drugs
Exclusive interview with David Beall, Executive Secretary of the OAS Drug Control Commission

The Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism is the mechanism which best reflects the interest of the countries of the Americas in the fight against illegal drugs.  (click here for the full text)

Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM)
(Versión en Español)

Projects on Money Laundering
(Versión en Español)

The OAS Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission's core mission is to harness the collective energy of its member states to reduce the production, trafficking and use and abuse of drugs in the Americas.

David Beall, Executive Secretary of
OAS Anti-drug Commission


» Brazilian Envoy Appointed to Lead OAS Observation Mission for Venezuelan August 15 Recall Referendum
Secretary General César Gaviria announced that Brazilian Ambassador to the OAS Valter Pecly Moreira has been appointed to lead the Organization’s observation mission that will monitor Venezuela’s August 15 presidential recall referendum. (more)

» Embaixador Brasileiro Designado Chefe da Missão de Observação Electoral da OEA na Venezuela
Embaixador Valter Pecly Moreira, Representante Permanente do Brasil junto à OEA, chefiará a missão

Esta nomeação é o reflexo do compromisso do governo do Brasil com as atividades de observação electoral da OEA que se realizarão na Venezuela.
(Versión en Español)


»  US Senator Richard G. Lugar Calls for More Consistent US Engagement in Region
Democracy in the Western Hemisphere would be greatly strengthened if the US improved its record of “inconsistent engagement” with Latin America, Senator Richard G. Lugar, said at the Organization of American States (OAS). (more)

Address by Senator Richard G. Lugar, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee at a Special Session of the OAS Permanent Council

As we embrace trade as a tool of development, we must pay closer attention to preparing nations to trade successfully. Concluding trade agreements that lower trade barriers can provide a necessary foundation for economic growth.
(read entire speech)